Something big happened in the truck world back in 2014. Something really big. One of the largest manufacturers and sellers of mid-duty pickup trucks was going to be redesigning their flagship truck. This was more than just a redesign. They were going to change the body material entirely. When Ford announced an all aluminum body […]

Ahh, the age old battle of cable TV and internet pricing. Here in Canada, prices are the among the highest in the developed world. Paying for your cable TV and internet, or your cellphone, is a pricey thing. People easily spend in excess of $200 a month on these bills. Many of those bills are […]

I feel numbed by this week’s events. We’re all searching for solutions. But these solutions tend to deal with the symptoms: Hate, prejudice, racism. None deal with the root cause: Unforgiveness, hurt, ignorance. In our search for answers, we need to remember that bandaids only cover up the issue, but real solutions address the root […]

The Truckspert

Sadly, today marks the end of an era. I feel the pain journalists and authors the world over have felt. Only barely half a year writing for an online publication, the site has announced that they’re turning things off. All content will be removed. In doing so, all my content is going with it. Months […]

Tested: Model: 2016 4×4 Tundra Double Cab SR 5.7L TRD Package. Drivetrain: 5.7L iForce V8 with 381 HO @ 5,600 rpm and 401 lb.-ft @ 3,600 rpm. Price as tested: $40,090 USD – $36,895 USD base Tundra SR5 5.7L Double Cab. Infotainment: 6.1” touchscreen with voice recognition, Bluetooth audio, Bongiovi acoustics digital power station. Comfort: […]