The Truckspert

Sadly, today marks the end of an era. I feel the pain journalists and authors the world over have felt. Only barely half a year writing for an online publication, the site has announced that they’re turning things off. All content will be removed. In doing so, all my content is going with it. Months […]

This is a different kind of blog post than many people will be used to seeing.  In fact it’s more a somber reflection and pouring out of the heart than anything else.  As such, it will be a serious, personal and slightly more pessimistic blog than usual.  If this isn’t the kind of thing you’re […]

Kerry had lived a successful business life.  He owned nearly a dozen car repair and restoration facilities across several states.  His business empire also included auto parts franchises in dozens more.  At 56, he was considering retirement and what to do with the time.  He hadn’t looked far to find his answer.  Kerry didn’t have […]

I’ve learned something during my short exposure as a “writer”: I don’t take feedback well. Very few other things in my life could be critiqued quite the same as writing is.  I’m very quickly learning to discover that writing, and publishing, is a very objective thing.  We all argue about cell phone and coffee preferences […]

Special blog post today as part of a blog tour for various authors talking about their writing process in a bit of detail.  Be sure to stop by newly published author Kory Shrum’s blog for last week’s edition.  A huge thanks to Kory for inviting me to share some thoughts, an honour indeed.  For those […]