Ending nearly as soon as it began

Sadly, today marks the end of an era. I feel the pain journalists and authors the world over have felt.

Only barely half a year writing for an online publication, the site has announced that they’re turning things off. All content will be removed.

In doing so, all my content is going with it. Months of reviews and editorial work gone, with the press of a button. With it, all the media credibility and portfolio I had begun to build. This was my ticket to one of my dreams: writing and reviewing for automotive journals or websites. I do morn this moment.

But all is not lost. I still have this, albeit long neglected, blog. So, I will be resuming posting of things I normally would have been posting for the other media outlet. They won’t be frequent, but the will be building that portfolio. And many of my previous posts will be transferred over. Hopefully they will be dated accordingly. If not, well, prepare for a blast of posts.

The audience is definitely smaller, but that will be a new challenge. Growing the brand, growing the readership. Sure, I may lose the access to vehicles I used to have, but maybe I’ll get lucky. I’m certainly coming at it stronger, better, better written.

One thing is for sure, this door may close, but I won’t stand still while I wait for the next one to open.

Thanks to everyone who supported me. Thanks to the manufacturers to gave me access to some great vehicles. Here’s to a new adventure, whatever that may be.

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