Hello there. You found me.

I’m Dan, and I do many things. For over 10 years I’ve been an IT generalist. I’ve helped people reset their passwords, given advice on what hardware to purchase, managed budgets, mentored students, implemented projects and managed servers. Exchange, Server 2003 through 2016, Active Directory, DNS/DHCP, SharePoint: These are the places I live. Got certified by Meraki to operate their network gear (CMNO). Mac OS? Check. Cisco managed network devices? IOS’d it (Cisco people understand). I did it all with a smile on my face. I love IT, and I love helping people use technology to work better, work faster and with fewer interruptions.

But while technology is where I’ve been my professional history, it’s not the only part of me. I write. There is a blog on this page somewhere which has archived stories from the now deleted Examiner.com. Currently, my automotive related words are published to FutureMotoring.com, Carfax.com and AutoGuide.com. I’m an active freelancer on Clearvoice.com. Opportunities are gladly accepted. I also hold a Certificate of Technical Writing from Humber College.

Wait, there’s more! I’m also a passionate golf fan with dreams of someday attending the Masters. I have a passion for cars, clearly. You can find me on several social media sites, or by email. Music is my lifeblood: Hearkening back to my days as an instrumentalist. I’m a father, husband, and Christian. Once upon a time I was a gamer. Now, as life progresses, I’m a casual gamer. However, I still enjoy moments with some of my favourite Xbox games, some of them with my kids.

Thanks for stopping by. Don’t be afraid to look around, or find out more about me.