Christian, father, husband, IT professional, car enthusiast, freelance writer, (bad) golfer, gamer, musician.


DanDrives. (retired)


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An IT leader who enjoys seeing his team thrive.  Over 10 years experience with Windows Servers in all their flavours with Ubuntu server sprinkled in for added taste.  Windows, Linux and Mac desk-side support and administration since Windows was a thing.  Certified Meraki Network Operator. Old school HTML and PHP programmer. Serving people is a passion.

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Subject matter expert (SME) in automotive and technology, individually and where they intersect. I’d also really like to write about golf, too.

Credited articles can be found at Futuremotoring.com, AutoGuide.com, and formerly on Examiner.com and N4BB.com.  Uncredited work on CarMax.com and CarFax.com. Auto news, editorials, tech news, and product reviews are a few of the things I do. I’m available for hire at Contently.com or Clearvoice.com. Certificate of Technical Writing from Humber College.

(This stuff is legacy now, but the links still work) I’ve guest blogged for Penguin Random House’s BookCountry.  They also interviewed me about my book, which you can find right here.


All things with wheels and an engine. Golf.  Music.  Golfing to music?  Anything around swinging a metal, or graphite, stick to hit a little white ball into a hole.  Golf is the greatest sport there is.  There isn’t enough time or money for the golf I could play.  Music is a hobby and a gift.  Brass instrumentalist for almost 15 years.  Gamer; when it’s game time.  Swimming, diving or being on the water in general.  I used to be called fish; for a reason it seems.  Serving at my house of worship.


DCLabs (Steam) | DCLabs (XBox Live) | Aerigoth (League of Legends)