Hey there, I’m Dan—a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, if you will.


Dan has been deeply entrenched in IT for over a decade, carving a path as an IT leader. He’s had the privilege of contributing to a company’s growth from 130 to a robust 2,000 employees and honed my skills in coaching, budget management, and various management roles. But what fuels his passion is the ever-evolving world of technology, where Dan eagerly embraces trends and tools, including the wonders of AI.

Navigating the tech terrain with a sense of purpose and staying at the forefront of technology—it’s what defines his journey as an IT leader. Curious? Check out Dan’s LinkedIn profile.


In the world of words, Dan isn’t your typical writer. He’s passionate about telling stories in the automotive and tech realms. You’ll catch his work on trusted platforms like TechSpot and AutoGuide. Dan enjoys diving into everything from the latest tech trends to exciting car reviews. And here’s a little secret: Dan is behind the scenes on Contently, working as a ghostwriter for clients in the automotive space.

Remember the days when he used to contribute to Futuremotoring? Those times have passed, but you can still find his earlier adventures right here on my blog. It’s a mix of automotive insights, tech know-how, and a pinch of Dan’s unique style.

Dan is your guy if you’re looking for a seasoned wordsmith to bring your content to life. Reach out to chat about working together.



When Dan is not immersed in the world of tech and words, you might find him on the golf course, perfecting his swing with hopes of one day strolling down the hallowed fairways of the Masters.


Music runs through Dan’s veins. He spent a significant part of his life as a brass instrumentalist, and it’s a joy that still resonates with him.


Dan is a gamer, both past and present. While life’s taken a few turns, he still finds time for cherished Xbox games, often with his kids.


Dan feels deeply connected to aquatic settings, whether swimming, diving or simply being near the water. They used to call him “fish” for good reason.


Dan is a proud father, a loving husband, and an active member of his local Mennonite Brethren church. Volunteering and serving in his faith community are important parts of his everyday life.

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