The kingdom of Orisgothia stretched from the great plains of the east to the mountains of the north nearly a days ride.  The mountains are a prized possession of King Orisgoth.  These mountains contain the very ingredient that makes the swords of Orisgothia the envy of other nations.  Slaves from the plains and those who […]

This is the first of a series of blogisodes in this story.  Each new blogisode will continue the story where this one completes.  Expect a new blogisode several times a week.  What’s a blogisode?  See here. There are many legends of how the great lands of Carnin came to be.  Great legends of kings, warriors, […]

Hello to a new things of doing something that has totally been done before; Blogisodes. What’s a blogisode?  Well, first off, it’s a word that I just made up.  The meaning is fairly self explanatory though.  In a world where daily or tri-weekly webcomics are becoming the mainstay for literary communication, I can’t draw.  Wanting to get into […]