Hello to a new things of doing something that has totally been done before; Blogisodes.

What’s a blogisode?  Well, first off, it’s a word that I just made up.  The meaning is fairly self explanatory though.  In a world where daily or tri-weekly webcomics are becoming the mainstay for literary communication, I can’t draw.  Wanting to get into this foray, but lacking the artistic talent, the concept of the blogisode hit me.  We all watch our TV shows and comics in an episodic format, and often sitting down to read a whole story is (sadly) more time than many are willing to put into it.  So, what if the internet served up a story in small edible chunks at a time?  This is a blogisode.  Each blogisode is 500-1,000 words in length.  There are no pictures, no graphics, just you and your under-powered (or over-active) imagination.

The inspiration came from Charles Dickens. He often published his books, chapters at a time, in the local papers for all too read.  Afterwards the edited and full manuscripts would be published and all would flock to the book stands.  It just so happens that I too have recently started writing a book.  Since the market for novels is smaller then ever, it was clear that this would be a great place to start for the first series of blogisodes.  You may have as many as 5 new blogisodes a week or as few as 1 (my goal is 10,000 words a month).  Once the story wraps up, a new blogisode series will begin.  Without further adieu:

Coming soon to a blog near you: The pilot Blogisode of “Land of the Nomis”.

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