Proverbs of the Trailer Park

So we went camping this weekend.  It was a long weekend, and as often people do on long weekends they go camping.  Our kids fared well, loved the outdoors and slept well at night.  We’re all tired and sore which is fairly typical for us non-regular campers.

There’s this thing many people notice when they go camping.  Camp site camping, not hiking through the woods to a clearing style camping.  It’s a culture that we’re not used too.  There are people who spend a lot of time at these campsites.  People who, in some cases, live there during the warmer months.  You often notice them when you’re camping.  Their lots are cluttered with decorations, lawn ornaments, kids toys and a very very old minivan.  These folks are called seasonal campers by the camp grounds.  Let’s face it, this is just a kind way to say trailer park trash.

Now this term can be taken as an insult, and is used so.  But it also describes a legitimate style of living for many people.  My family used to have a trailer parked at a site we used as a cottage.  It gave us a fair immersion into the culture that is “trailer park” living.  So, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, I want to present some proverbs of the trailer park.

  • Those who can afford kids the least will have the most
  • The ultimate form of luxury is a golf cart
  • The more skin someone has, the less they should wear.  This is multiplied at the beach.
  • Parenting is a tool of the weak.
  • Alcohol is a food group.
  • Lawn accessories are a sign of prosperity.  Their organization is not.
  • You must be surrounded by no less than 10 children when you smoke.


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