Dear candidates; I’m a Canadian. I’m a father to an amazing young family. I love this country, and our political system. I’m proud of what Canada stands for internationally. Of our healthcare system, our history and the promise we represent to immigrants around the world. I’m also a blue blooded Conservative, and I’m not particularly […]

There’s been a lot of news lately about hacking. People have had credit cards hacked. Yahoo got hacked. Target was the target of data breach shenanigans. Recently, I got a notice that my PC Plus account had the password reset because of a breach. You may have too. Truth is we live in an online […]

As some of you may be aware, though more likely not, the Canadian Conservative party is currently without a leader. After a poor showing in the last federal election former leader Stephen Harper stepped down. Since then, there have been nearly a dozen candidates step up. In the last election, conservatism in Canada was given […]

There’s a movement among automotive enthusiasts. In recent years, fewer models have offered manual transmissions. These folks, who are rather passionate, insist the manual transmission is one of the golden elements of any true, thoroughbred car. They lament this decline in the manual transmission. Some, even, with the passion of losing a cherished item. Many […]

Something big happened in the truck world back in 2014. Something really big. One of the largest manufacturers and sellers of mid-duty pickup trucks was going to be redesigning their flagship truck. This was more than just a redesign. They were going to change the body material entirely. When Ford announced an all aluminum body […]