There’s been a lot of news lately about hacking. People have had credit cards hacked. Yahoo got hacked. Target was the target of data breach shenanigans. Recently, I got a notice that my PC Plus account had the password reset because of a breach. You may have too. Truth is we live in an online […]

Ahh, the age old battle of cable TV and internet pricing. Here in Canada, prices are the among the highest in the developed world. Paying for your cable TV and internet, or your cellphone, is a pricey thing. People easily spend in excess of $200 a month on these bills. Many of those bills are […]

Few workplaces challenge an IT professional than designing a wireless network for a church. What makes this environment so unique is how scalable and capable the infrastructure has to be to accommodate low weekly usage, but a several hundred fold increase during events and Sunday services. Add to this challenge the question of how do […]

First, please read this: The Game Bethesda Needs to Make. Recently Bethesda announced the release of the latest iteration in one of my all time favourite video game franchises: Fallout 4. During their 30 minute or so announcement they highlighted many of the new features which would be included in the game.  They were essentially […]

It’s December and, in case any of you haven’t noticed, the Christmas season is quickly coming upon us.  In fact, as of writing the big day is a mere 21 sleeps away.  I started a fun little silly tradition last year which I have no plans on stopping.  So in the spirit of hyper-inflated consumer […]