There is a growing trend in Canada, one that after a few years has finally caught the attention of the largest telecommunications provider.  True, Netflix had caught their attention a while back, but it took them a few years to finally accept the trend and make an effort to emulate and even innovate a little.  […]

Technology companies, well many companies, but technology companies in particular like to hide behind complicated sounding tech words and concepts.  Technology and what powers it can be very overwhelming to people so, in the name of sanity, they don’t bother to really understand it.  Being someone who does, in fact, understand technology, how our big […]

There is this new(ish) thing in the IT world, this thing where people can bring whatever their device is into an environment.  What BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, represents is the degrading of corporate IT standards.  IT Standards are hated by employees world wide and seen as draconian.  Nobody likes them, nobody wants them […]