An open letter to the Conservative party candidates

Dear candidates;

I’m a Canadian. I’m a father to an amazing young family. I love this country, and our political system. I’m proud of what Canada stands for internationally. Of our healthcare system, our history and the promise we represent to immigrants around the world. I’m also a blue blooded Conservative, and I’m not particularly proud of our party’s future.

Candidates: Our party is in trouble. The conservative message in Canada is become muddled. In truth, all politics in Canada has become muddled: buried in rhetoric. The Liberals do it. The NDP does it. Mr. Truedeau does it. And all of you do it. Conservative leadership debates have become who can spout the most conservative sounding rhetoric. We have no message, and we don’t know what you really stand for.

Canada does not need a conservative party that buys into the perceived success in the US. Our populous has grown tired of the same message, the same way, from the same parties. There was a massive vote for change that ended our majority government mandate. We haven’t yet caught that message. This change is proving to be rhetoric, too. I get your emails many, many times a day. I’ve had my fill of this rhetoric. Please stop telling me what I need to be afraid of, or who I should be afraid of.

But, Canada needs the conservative message now more than ever. We need a candidate who doesn’t speak in rhetoric. We need a candidate who speaks in goals and concrete plans. Someone who has strength to stand for Canadian values international, boldness to do what must be done and honesty to bring authority to their message. Someone who speaks with actions, not words. Rhetoric has none of these.

Canada needs a balanced budget, now. We need to pay down our deficit. A plan to reduce our federal cabinet to 20 or less. We need action on controlling federal spending in a tough, but fair plan. We need more accountability from our Provinces about their healthcare spending. Let’s empower our first nations by bringing accountability to their federal dollars, without infringing on their right to self-governance. We need to preserve our education system, bolster and embolden it. We should protect our healthcare system by making our dollars more efficient. There are so many more ways conservatism will help Canada.

Canada does not need rhetoric. Not now. Not ever. We definitely don’t need rhetoric based on fear, ignorance or hatred. Ever. Shame on you for even bringing it to the discussion.

Please, candidates, let’s put aside the partisan. Let’s server Canada, and the incredible people of Canada. For our kids. For those who will soon make Canada their home.

No more rhetoric.



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