Ahh, the age old battle of cable TV and internet pricing. Here in Canada, prices are the among the highest in the developed world. Paying for your cable TV and internet, or your cellphone, is a pricey thing. People easily spend in excess of $200 a month on these bills. Many of those bills are […]

I feel numbed by this week’s events. We’re all searching for solutions. But these solutions tend to deal with the symptoms: Hate, prejudice, racism. None deal with the root cause: Unforgiveness, hurt, ignorance. In our search for answers, we need to remember that bandaids only cover up the issue, but real solutions address the root […]

Tesla is having a bit of a Dodge Caravan moment. Way back in 1983, the Chrysler Company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Sales were slow and vehicles had the worst of reputations.  They needed something good, and fast. Then, in late 1983, they introduced a brand new vehicle, unknowingly creating a category and changing […]

Google recently had, in all likelihood, a worst case scenario happen to one of their self-driving cars. On Feburary 14th, one of the Google SUVs, which roam the streets of southern California, crashed into a city bus. Headlines were made, critics are gleefully calling victories, and Google’s PR is on the defensive. But how big […]