I feel numbed by this week’s events. We’re all searching for solutions. But these solutions tend to deal with the symptoms: Hate, prejudice, racism. None deal with the root cause: Unforgiveness, hurt, ignorance. In our search for answers, we need to remember that bandaids only cover up the issue, but real solutions address the root […]

Dieselgate scandal continues to deepen as more details slowly come into focus.  Volkswagen has long claimed that it initially came to know about the widespread cheating its TDI engines when widespread results were made known.  This was despite repeated inquiries from the EPA, going as far back as 2013.  Executive management has stuck to the […]

This year, in an unusually mild October, Canadian journalists covering the entire nation gathered for the annual AJAC test fest.  AJAC is the Automotive Journalist Associate of Canada. AJAC’s test fest is an onslaught of the current models, across all categories, that manufacturers currently have on offer.  Cars, truck, SUVs and luxury vehicles are all […]

Volkswagen has released a new video on YouTube today.  They claim the video shows the proposed fix for their small diesel engines.  1.6L and 2L TDI engines currently break emissions limits in both the EU and North America by a substantial number.  VW claims the hardware, a plastic mesh device, works in tandem with a […]