Few workplaces challenge an IT professional than designing a wireless network for a church. What makes this environment so unique is how scalable and capable the infrastructure has to be to accommodate low weekly usage, but a several hundred fold increase during events and Sunday services. Add to this challenge the question of how do […]

So, you all know my Twitter Test drive thing.  If you don’t, you should really check it out. Well, recently I was invited to join tech website N4BB as a contributor, helping build out the automotive section.  Almost immediately, the concept of a twitter test drive was a hit with the editorial team.  Because of […]

The Canadian political system has an interesting level of accessibility to those whom it serves.  One of these levels of accessibility is the right for citizen(s) to present a petition to Member(s) of Parliament when they have a grievance.  While not required to, many MPs feel obliged to read the petitions before a session, regardless […]

It’s December and, in case any of you haven’t noticed, the Christmas season is quickly coming upon us.  In fact, as of writing the big day is a mere 21 sleeps away.  I started a fun little silly tradition last year which I have no plans on stopping.  So in the spirit of hyper-inflated consumer […]