New Home for Twitter Test Drives

So, you all know my Twitter Test drive thing.  If you don’t, you should really check it out.

Well, recently I was invited to join tech website N4BB as a contributor, helping build out the automotive section.  Almost immediately, the concept of a twitter test drive was a hit with the editorial team.  Because of the clout a popular website/twitter account has in the eyes of automotive marketing, it was a no brainer to move it there.  In addition, there will now be posted video reviews to accompany the written ones.  Still working on the details for that, but I’ve got some concepts in mind that should be pretty entertaining.  Check out for anything tech, science or auto related.

Watch the website for some news around the first official Twitter Test Drive with N4BB.  If you’re interested in having your product featured in a Twitter Test Drive, please reach out to me.

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