This is the first of a series of blogisodes in this story.  Each new blogisode will continue the story where this one completes.  Expect a new blogisode several times a week.  What’s a blogisode?  See here. There are many legends of how the great lands of Carnin came to be.  Great legends of kings, warriors, […]

Hello to a new things of doing something that has totally been done before; Blogisodes. What’s a blogisode?  Well, first off, it’s a word that I just made up.  The meaning is fairly self explanatory though.  In a world where daily or tri-weekly webcomics are becoming the mainstay for literary communication, I can’t draw.  Wanting to get into […]

So we went camping this weekend.  It was a long weekend, and as often people do on long weekends they go camping.  Our kids fared well, loved the outdoors and slept well at night.  We’re all tired and sore which is fairly typical for us non-regular campers. There’s this thing many people notice when they […]

It recently came to life that my wife has missed out on what some would consider to be major movies.  We’ve watched each James Bond, according to canon, in chronological order together.  The Back to The Future trilogy is also done.  However, the George Lucas/Stephen Spielberg classics of the 80s are left unwatched. How can […]

Apathy is a thing.  It’s killing our country. Not literally killing, no.  It’s not like obesity or cancer in the mortal sense.  But it is infectious and has devastating effects on pretty much any social or cultural aspects.  It rears its biggest ugliest head in politics.  In Canada we have what could be a very […]