Something big happened in the truck world back in 2014. Something really big. One of the largest manufacturers and sellers of mid-duty pickup trucks was going to be redesigning their flagship truck. This was more than just a redesign. They were going to change the body material entirely. When Ford announced an all aluminum body […]

Rap Sheet: Model: 2015 Ford F150 SuperCrew 4×4 Lariat, 5 1/2′ box. Drivetrain: 2.7L twin turbo V6 EcoBoost engine, 325hp @ 5750 rpm and 370ft/lb @ 3000 rpm Price as tested: $59,469 ($37,849 base XLT SuperCrew) – $49,726 at Leslie Motors Infotainment: Ford MySYNC w 8″ LCD pressure touch screen, nav, bluetooth, CD, backup camera. […]