Unexplained Absence

It happened again.  I restarted my blog and got about 4 good weeks of interesting content in.

Then the crickets took over.

This time though it wasn’t laziness at the root cause, quite the opposite in fact.  As you are well aware I have been working through writing a manuscript.  What you don’t know is that the postings on my blog are WELL behind the actual length of the book so far.  After successfully blasting through National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, I have gotten into a good 2000 words a day habit.  Since finishing NaNoWriMo that has changed to 2000 words on weekdays and I spit a few words out on weekends as I have time.  Time, heh, what a funny thing that is.  Essentially this means I’ll be hitting 10,000 words a week give or take.  For anyone particularly interested the manuscript will touch 100,000 words in length by week’s end.

But what does this all mean for the blog itself?  Simple really.  More blogs!  Wait, what?  Well as it seems the funny thing about being a writer is people want to see what you’ve got.  Test out your chops a little.  This blog is not only a representation it is, aside from Twitter, the only online representation of me.  I haven’t been making a good impression.  Writing fiction is actually a lot more of a drain than you might think.  There are days the creative juices are just not flowing or the words are all clogged.  My intent is to use my blog to write about things that interest me and that I find fun and with scheduled regularly.  That’s right, we’re going on a schedule!

Starting with today (it being Monday) there will be a new blog post every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday!

The blog posts will become pretty specific in subject matter as well.  While there may be the occasional deviation most of the content will be things that reflect my interests, reflect who I am.  As such many of the topics will center around cars, politics and golf (when in season)and technology.  There are also plans to post a small devotional a few times a week but it’s purely supplemental.

I realize I’ve just lost 75% of the ten readers I have but this is stuff that I enjoy, am passionate about and reflects better on who I am.  It’s a PR move really. 😉  See you on Wednesday!

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