Happy 2013.

Happy New Year friends!  This is the time of year when everybody becomes an introspective philosopher.  The level of can have a lot to do with the amount of bubbly consumed.  I’m not a big fan of massive new years celebrations or making “new years resolutions” etc etc.  I am, however, a fan of using the opportunity to set some goals for yourself.  Legitimate, achievable goals.  They differ in resolutions because they aren’t typical in their nature and they are very specific in their outcome.  The name “resolution” also seems to steal away a lot of the authority or weight of the plans they are attached to.  People seem to make light of their resolutions and within a month they are long forgotten simply as “those resolutions”.

My goals this year have many things driving them.  The biggest of which is this; I turn 30 this year.  While I may joke about how 30 is “old” or that I’ve accomplished little in life – both complete untruths.  However, I did have some goals for my life that I hoped to accomplish before I turned 30 and seeing the age loom over me has caused me to pause and think.  This is my last year in the 20s; often seen as a vigorous, productive age.  Additionally perhaps the huge momentum I achieve knocking as many of these items off my list will give me a huge running start to my 30s.  I’m not doing it alone, too.  Along with my family and friends I fully plan to engage my small reading audience (mostly my friends and family) to hold me accountable to the goals as well.

Soon I’ll be posting the list in pretty graphical form.  I would love for you to cheer me on and kick me in the butt as needed to get them all done by the time I turn 30!

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