This is part of a series of stories.  You may want to start at the beginning. Blistrar, as rare as it may appear, seems to have some relative abundance in the mountains around Orisgothia.  Enough that the king’s nights are equipped with swords and armor with blistrar mixed with enough to spare to decorate the […]

The second wall is the entrance into the core of Ositia.  This wall is built by royal commission and using molded rocks from the mines.  It had a distinct aura to it, the stones once polished.  Nearly twice the height and width of the first wall the gates were also adorned with grand tapestries and […]

The kingdom of Orisgothia stretched from the great plains of the east to the mountains of the north nearly a days ride.  The mountains are a prized possession of King Orisgoth.  These mountains contain the very ingredient that makes the swords of Orisgothia the envy of other nations.  Slaves from the plains and those who […]

This is the first of a series of blogisodes in this story.  Each new blogisode will continue the story where this one completes.  Expect a new blogisode several times a week.  What’s a blogisode?  See here. There are many legends of how the great lands of Carnin came to be.  Great legends of kings, warriors, […]