Blogisode 10: A new alloy

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Ari concluded that his sword had cooled sufficiently.  He moved to the large forge in the center of the shop and stoked the fire with air a few times.  The embers burned bright red with each puff from the large bellows.  The reflection of the ember’s light shone on Ari’s face as he stared into the coals, watching their glow closely.  He wanted the temperature just right.  It was a skill he had learned from his father long ago.  A final blow from he bellows and he turned back to his clay moulds and unfastened the metal lashings.  In one quick motion he removed the dark crude sword from the clay and into the forge where he reheated it to a mild red glow.  Turning to a nearby anvil he used a small hammer to give the sword a more defined shape.  Ari repeated this a few times until he felt the shape of the sword was done and dipped it into a vat of water to cool.  Both men were torn from their concentration when the door from their shop resounded loudly with the pounding of a fist.

“Ari, you in there?”   Came a voice.  Ari sighed and rolled his eyes while Borisgoth chuckled to himself; both men visibly relaxing.  It was Groadie.  Groadie is Ari’s long time friend.  They were born on the same day in adjacent houses.  Groadie’s father had given up blacksmithing and set up a business trading bricks from the Blistrar mines.  The two lived across the street growing up and shared many of their life experiences.  Groadie was a simple man but one who enjoyed humor.  He was of slightly larger built but still showed physical prowess.  Shorter than Ari he also envied his looks and combat skill.  Their fathers had been at odds for most of their teen years but Ari and Groadie hand enjoyed a great friendship.  Groadie was a business man as like his father.  His humour and nature made him seem a bit dim witted but in matters of business he was shrewd.   The door shook again.  “C’mon Ari, I’m redder than a Lobster from the heat of the sun, your shop ain’t helping either.”

Ari placed the sword on a pile of linen on one of the worktables.  He knew the pounding would persist until the door was answered.

“Coming Groadie; I see the heat only increases your patience” Ari said loudly over the noise of the shop.  He pulled the latch on the lock and pushed open the large heavy wooden door.  Bright sunlight broke into the shop which caused Borisgoth and Ari to squint their eyes.  Groadie recoiled at the heat as it burst forth from the open door.

“Good God man that is no way for someone to work.  How can you stand this Ari?” Groadie asked, shielding his pale face with his hands; equally pale.

“About the same as you can stand being indoors all day counting ledger books and such” responded Ari as he headed towards a water basin.  He washed his hands and wiped them dry with a cloth nearby.  He turned to his father and spoke “I’m heading out with Groadie, we’re to check out some potential clients for his father and he asked that I help.”

“Very well, I should be done today my own.  Good work today Ari the sword looks to be a good one.”  Responded Borisgoth, smiling with pride at his son.

“I should hope so father.  This blistrar alloy could be our greatest success as a family.” Ari said, eyeing it from his position.  Groadie shuffled his feet impatiently behind them.

“Listen, blistrar is great and all but these stone don’t sell themselves, do they?”  Groadie exclaimed.  “What’s say we go sell them and you just keep looking pretty to keep the ladies distracted while I take their husband’s money?”  He asked, a large grin spreading across his face.  Ari chuckled.

“Let’s go.  Let me quickly change so I’m more presentable for your ladies.” Ari said, winking and heading into the house.  He emerged several minutes later in a white linen shirt and tan pants.  His shirt was lightweight and open at the neck to provide it’s wearer relief from the heat whilst remaining in style.  His hair, wettened, flowed about his ears.  The two friends begain their walk down the road towards the south gate.

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