Help me achieve a dream; and I’ll rid you of a headache

I love golf.  Not a surprise to anybody who knows me or follows my tweets with any kind of regularity.  The passion of this has driven me to pursue a career as a golf professional.  However, several things are in the way.

These are the sticks in question. They’d be in better shape if I bent them around a tree.

The biggest of this is my set of golf clubs.  These clubs have been with me since I started playing the game of golf.  While I haven’t out grown them my swing has out paced them.  A recent visit to a simulator showed that not only is my swing too fast for the flex of the clubs but the bias of the club faces was wrong. Add to the fact that these clubs aren’t fitted to my swing and that I’m missing a driver of any kind.  Long story short, in order for my golf game to progress I need a new set of clubs.

Now golf clubs are expensive.  The set I have in mind, Ping i20 with Anser wedges and putter, will likely run me $1500.  This is a significant chunk of change to raise.  This is where you come into play.  Crowdsourcing is big these days.  Indigogo and Kickstarter are raising millions of dollars for worth and wonderful creative projects daily.  These projects offer fun perks for those who contribute.  I considered this for my clubs but quickly realized that a) people will not play for my clubs for no reason and b) I have no tiered rewards based on the fundraiser (a free golf ball?  Not many will bite).

So, I’m adding my own twist.  In exchange for your money, $60, I will come perform computer service for you.  Basically I’m trying to line up enough $60 jobs to raise the $1500.  That’s only 25 people with computer problems!  I know you have computer problems and I can solve them.  It’s a huge win win!  On top of that if you wish to tip me, well, I won’t turn that down.

Here are the details:

$60 flat rate for:

  • Formatting an OS
  • Virus removal
  • Parts installation/upgrade
  • Phone support with remote control for most problems, maximum 60 minutes.
  • 30 “how to” session for most Windows or Microsoft programs
  • Any parts needed are extra cost, will be quoted up front.  My time is limited so please book ahead.

Interested?  Send me an email (dan at and I will be glad for your participation!

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